What a relief!

There is nothing worse than watching your little one struggling day in and day out, and not being able to help provide relief. This has been our daily life since Alexander was about 4 months old. My sweet boy has been battling intense eczema, and it has been heartbreaking to say the least. We saw the pediatrician countless times, the pediatric dermatologist, and the pediatric allergist. None of these amazing doctors could really help.

The pediatrician recommended limiting baths to only 2 days per week, prescription strength hydrocortisone cream and three other medicated creams (much to our dismay). We were incredibly apprehensive to use any type of medicated cream, ointment or oil as it seemed pretty over the top for an infant. We reduced his baths in both frequency and length of time, but there was no change.

The dermatologist recommended oatmeal baths (which are amazing by the way), no soaps or fragrances, change our laundry detergent, and a eczema lotion. Oatmeal baths are amazing, and eczema or not all babies should get them on occasion. It leaves skin silky smooth and refreshed. We stopped using body wash and made sure any lotion we used was fragrance free. We changed laundry detergents (again), and tried several different eczema lotions (6 to be exact).

Oatmeal Bath!

Oatmeal bath to help these itchy arms, neck and tummy!

The allergist ordered labs to potentially rule out allergies. Unfortunately, his back was so badly covered in eczema so we had to do a blood test. We discovered my little guy has “sensitivities” (but not allergies) to dogs, cats, walnuts and egg whites. We were told by the allergist not to remove these from his environment, because most likely his body will adapt.

Three separate doctors with 8 total visits, and not a single recommendation provided relief for my son. Anthony and I went one step further and tried some more gentle solutions. We cut out certain foods from his diet, tried essential oils and coconut oil. I was feeling completely helpless, and every time my son scratched his neck or arm, I had mixed feelings of anger and heartbreak.

Waiting at the Doctor’s. This boy is all smiles, all the time!

One of my moms group offered tons of suggestions to help. I was given different brands of lotions to try, and I bought them all. I swear, you should see the stash of lotions, oils, creams and ointments we have. One mama suggested I try switching to Tubby Todd, because she found they really helped with her son’s dry skin. I had heard of Tubby Todd from Instagram — I follow them and several other small business family and baby lifestyle brands. I always meant to try them out, but with all the craziness going on I felt like maybe it would be a waste. Well after a year with this, I figured what’s one more product to try? I bought the full kit, the Basics Bundle, because I figured go big or go home! As soon as our box of goodies arrived, I put it to the test.

Tubby Todd's BASICS Bundle. Photo from Tubby Todd.

Tubby Todd’s BASICS Bundle. Photo from Tubby Todd.

Oh my gosh! The Hair and Body Wash smelled amazing. I followed Alexander’s bath with a nice layer of the All Over Ointment on his red patchy areas (so basically on half of his body). I applied the silky soft Body Lotion all over the rest of his body, dressed him in his jammies and tucked him into bed. We continued this routine daily, and after only three days his skin was completely clear, free of all rashes and itchy spots, and unbelievably soft. Our Daycare provider and Alexander’s Grandparents even commented on how great his skin was looking. I wanted to cry but I didn’t want to jinx myself. Today, we are about a month in with this wonderful product, and my little love is eczema and (mostly) rash free. Every now and then he’ll get a small flare up with a rash. One application of the ointment and he is good to go.

Whether or not you’re battling eczema, you should really check out Tubby Todd. Their product is for the whole family and you won’t be disappointed! And be sure to sign up for their newsletter to receive 10% off your first purchase!



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