Tula… in the Wild!

Over the last 14 months, I’ve been able to try other carriers in my babywearing journey. Attending a Babywearing play date was very helpful (see post: Carry them close: Let’s Begin) as I was determined to try them all. Different brands offer different features and benefits. Front carry. Forward-facing front carry. Hip carry. Back carry. Buckles. Ties. Pockets. No pockets. Hood. No Hood. I tried to tell myself “one is enough” but let’s be honest… what fun is that? I had my Ergo. I loved my Ergo. But I couldn’t help myself. Ergo was the gateway into my babywearing addiction. I needed more!

Enter Tula. Tula, Tula, Tula, Tula. I love my Tula. Tula is not a carrier, Tula is a lifestyle. There is an insane cult following behind Tula. These beautiful SSC’s are not your plain-jane carriers. They have hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from!  If you want a fun, whimsical, pretty carrier, and their prices are within your budget (starting at $149), you must check out Tula! After I got over the initial sticker shock (really, they’re not that much more expensive than an original Ergo), I decided to go for it and find my perfect Tula.

One of the first things I learned about Tula: if you see a carrier you love, buy it now. They do not keep a large inventory and often times the newest prints are snatched upon release. Sometimes these hot new prints are “flipped” on various online Tula groups for either more money or for trade on a more expensive, rarer Tula. That doesn’t mean you cant find the right Tula for you, but if you’re picky there’s a chance you may have a harder time. If you want to stick to retail you can stalk Tula’s website or check out tulapedia.com for a list of local and online Tula retailers.

I checked out a local online retailer and browsed their catalog until I came across THE Tula. It was beautiful, it was in my shopping cart, and after a few minutes, it was mine. Within an hour I received an email saying they shipped my precious new carrier and it would arrive the next day. WOW that was fast!  The next day I was on my toes in anticipation waiting for my “fluff mail” to arrive. As soon the mailman delivered it to my front door, I ripped open the package, grabbed my 3 month old little guy, and tried on the Tula.

I’ll admit, I was a tad bit disappointed. While the Standard Tula fits from 15lbs up to 45lbs, my 13lb little guy was a ways away from fitting in it perfectly. Fortunately I had a newborn insert from my Ergo, and while I don’t recommend prolonged wear with an incompatible infant insert, it helped get the job done for me to at least get the Tula fit down. I continued to use my other carriers that had a better fit, waiting anxiously for the day he would fit in my beautiful new carrier. I probably tried on my Tula every week until little guy was big enough to fit with a small hack — a rolled blanket under his bum. Once he was properly fitted, Tula came with us everywhere!


My first Tula!

If you’re interested in trying a Tula, here are a few sites I recommend visiting:



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