One Day… Soon.

Being a full time working Mama with a toddler who just wants to go go go, it seems like these last few weeks have slipped by in the blink of an eye. Alexander took his first unassisted steps two weeks ago, however he has yet to do it again (go figure). His vocabulary is exploding and it seems like he has a new word every day. We love having our “conversations” with the little guy, and seeing his excitement when he puts 2+2 together with a word and an object is incredible. He recently has become obsessed with books, and is always asking for a book or pointing and saying “my book” — I cannot believe what a smart little guy he is!

On top of all of his new developments, Alexander is really starting to show off how affectionate he can be. He always has to snuggle with his Giraffe or his Mickey Mouse, or Mama or Dada, Nana or Papa, or even his Dog. He loves to give kisses and will “allow” you kiss him on the forehead (such a ham!). And he is so incredibly gentle! Alexander makes sure to use the lightest touch when inspecting new or interesting objects. All of this just reassures our confidence that our little guy will be an incredible big brother one day.

One day…How about October?  That’s right… our little guy is going to be a BIG BROTHER!! Words cannot even begin to describe our excitement to have another little person joining our family. Two more little hands to hold. Two more little feet to tickle. One little face to kiss. More breastfeeding. More babywearing. More moms groups. More crazy sleepless nights. More diaper explosions. More tears. More giggles. More firsts. More love to hold in our hearts.

We are so excited to have this new adventure, and we cannot wait to find out more about Number Two! Hopefully with my first trimester ending, I can kick this exhaustion to the curb and begin sharing updates more frequently. But for now, I’ll leave you with some new family photos from our favorite Cristy O Photography.

Big Brother!

Our family is growing!


Love and Happiness!




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