Oh (Solly) Baby!

I was browsing Instagram late one restless night—little man was doing somersaults in my belly and hubby was snoozing away—and I came across this little brand called Solly Baby. There were dozens of photos of these beautiful carriers, and my minimalistic, preppy, J.Crew-loving side was in love. I began following the brand and “loved” almost every photo they posted for weeks. I had my Ergo in the nursery, but there was so much appeal to the thought of wrapping. And what if Alexander hates being worn the Ergo? I needed to have options! Almost daily, I found myself perusing their website trying to decide if I should just do it, and make my Solly Purchase. With a little encouragement from my Husband, I went down the rabbit hole. This beautiful natural & grey stripe wrap was coming to mama!

The first week home with Alexander and he was glued to my chest (rightfully so). I absolutely LOVED the constant snuggles, but I was starting to get a bit antsy. The Solly was ready to go, but I was hesitant to use it. My little peanut was so tiny and fragile, I was worried I’d wrap it wrong, or he’d be uncomfortable and fussy. I watched the videos on Solly Baby’s site, and practiced a few times with a teddy bear (definitely recommend doing this until you are comfortable). Once I felt like I had wrapping down, I scooped up my little man away we went. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to let go at first, so I sat on the couch and stared down at this perfect little boy wrapped in this lightweight fabric. So far, so good. He nuzzled and snuggled and snoozed away. After a few minutes, I stood up. I dropped one hand, and then the other. I was doing it! He was wrapped, and my hands were free! There were so many things I could do at that moment—make lunch, do the dishes, brush my hair, put on some makeup. Alexander was so content in my little outside womb, he slept for another hour or so while I did as much as I could with my free hands. This was definitely my first Mom win and called for a sleepy-face selfie!


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