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“What should I buy before baby arrives?” This is something all new moms ask at least a dozen times before the baby arrives (heck, even sometimes after the baby arrives). Admittedly, in my last pregnancy I spent far too much time researching this very question. While I am no expert, I do feel like I have an opinion that other moms and mom-to-be’s may appreciate. So, here it is, my list of must-haves to prepare yourself for the new baby.

For Mama:

  • Maxi Pads. Lots, and lots, and lots of Pads. Seriously. This may be TMI, but you’ll thank me later. The amount of pads you will likely go through in your first few weeks post-delivery is enough to make any normal person worried. But a new mom? Nope, totally normal (well most of the time).
    • If you’re hoping for or planning a vaginal delivery, might I also suggest you make yourself some padsicles? You and your lady bits can thank me later. Find the recipe here.
    • Not feeling like hitting up your local Target? Have them delivered to you via Amazon.
  • Granny panties. I know, I know… how sexy. But let’s be honest: when you’re going through a handful of Maxi Pads per day, are you really concerned about your sexy underwear? The only kind of panties you can really wear are the full butt panties.
    • Alternatively, I would recommend you go full on klepto and grab as many as possible of the mesh panties your hospital provides. Hideous and unattractive, but also ridiculously comfortable.
    • You can see my favorites here and here.
  • Nursing Camisoles. These should be a no brainer. It’s so much easier to clip down the nursing camisole, than it is to lift up your entire shirt. Just throw on a nursing cami with a pair of your favorite leggings (LuLaRoe of course), and you’ll be comfortable all day, every day.
    • Not breastfeeding? I would still get a pair of these camisoles. They’re generous in the tummy area, and fit so nicely. Definitely a great wardrobe staple for the recovering mama.
    • My favorites can be found here and here.
  • Nipple Shield & Butter. If you plan on breastfeeding, I really recommend you have these on hand. It’s not always easy, and often times there are challenges that may make you want to quit. If you can push through it and make it work, in the end it’s so worth it.
    • Some mama’s have challenges because of the latch with the baby — be it from inverted nipples, or some other issues. A nipple shield can really help. Definitely consult with your Lactation Consultant, but it’s always a good idea to have these ready to go.
    • Another challenge you may face are cracked nipples. Those are no joke. Coconut oil is excellent to put on the nips after breastfeeding. You can also use nipple butter or cream. All of these can really help make your experience better.
    • I recommend the Medela Contact Nipple Shield and Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Nipple Butter.
  • Nursing Pillow. Definitely bring this with you to the Hospital. There are a few different options on the market, some with multiple purposes. I would recommend giving one or two a try before committing. Check them out in-store first, and then make up your mind.
    • I loved the Boppy Nursing Pillow. It also seconds as a great support pillow for baby’s different phases in infancy. Alexander loved his tummy time with the Boppy, and it also helped him with sitting up. These pillows are sold everywhere, but I prefer to shop on Amazon. Make sure to pick out a cute cover too!
    • My other favorite, and probably more frequently used for nursing, is the My Brestfriend Nursing Pillow. This fit us so much easier than the boppy, and includes a strap which actually helps hold the pillow in place. Anthony and I jokingly called it the baby table. You can pick one up at Target, Buy Buy Baby, or my favorite, Amazon.
  • Subscriptions!! Seriously. If you don’t already have an Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu subscription, you need to tab out and sign up for all three now! Let me break it down for you. Part of being a new mom is the joy of being awake at 3AM trying to get your little one back to sleep after a boob or a bottle. Sometimes falling back asleep yourself is super easy. Other times you may find you’re creating a grocery list in your head, or realizing you’re running low on diapers. Or maybe you just need to throw on an old favorite movie or TV show to help get you back into that sleepy mode. Below are the three subscriptions I couldn’t live without.
    • Amazon Prime. This should be a requirement for all moms, heck all adults. Besides the great prices, there are a ton of awesome perks. Free shipping, sometimes free SAME DAY shipping. Grocery service via Amazon Now (not offered in all areas). Amazon Prime Video. And the biggest perk for moms: Amazon Mom and subscriptions. Get discounts on frequently purchased baby items such as diapers, formula, baby food, and more.
    • Hulu. Unless you have a TiVo (do they still make those?) or a DVR, Hulu is a great way to watch your stories at whatever time your new baby will allow. I haven’t had cable in years, so this has been a staple in our house. I only realized it’s true value once Alexander was born. It seems like more recently, Hulu has stepped up its TV game with more and more shows I love to watch. And Hulu Plus is awesome if you want to skip commercials (most, not all networks allow this).
    • Netflix. Do I really need to justify why anyone should have a Netflix subscription? How about those Netflix Originals?! House of Cards. Orange is the New Black. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Making a Murderer. Not to mention all of the awesome shows and movies you love to binge watch over and over again. Seriously. If you don’t have Netflix, get it. Now.

Coming soon, Baby must-haves and Hospital Bag recommendations!



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