Carry Them Close: Strechy Wraps

I remember being 1000 weeks pregnant, scrolling through Instagram in the middle of the night, when I first came across stretchy wraps. My first thought (besides “I have to pee again”) was “wow that looks comfy!” In doing my research, I learned that stretchy wraps make excellent carriers for newborn babies as most SSC’s are not recommended until about 15lbs (unless you use a newborn insert). This sounded like something I needed, so I did a little middle of the night shopping to add to my growing stash of baby items.

The first time I wrapped my little guy, I was worried it was going to be too tight or he would get too warm. Not at all. Alexander nuzzled right in, happy and snuggly, and within minutes fell asleep. My emotions were raw and I wanted to cry my over-tired eyes out. I couldn’t help but smother his forehead with kisses and take in his newborn smell. This was amazing; I understood why stretchy wraps are so perfect for newborns and new moms.

Think about it. It’s like they are back in the womb. They spend 40 weeks (give or take) growing inside your belly. It’s warm and cozy. They can hear your heart beat, hear your voice. They’re safe from all things scary and unknown. Then one day, their world is flipped upside down and they’re brought earthside. Outside the womb, things are cold, uncomfortable, and sometimes pretty scary for a newborn. Doctors and nurses recommend swaddling your tiny love to help them feel warm and safe, relax and even sleep.

There are similarities with a stretchy wrap and a swaddle, with an added bonus for mom and baby. The bonus for mom: besides the obvious snuggles, we get to move around and use our hands. This is great for eating a sandwich, brushing our hair, even going to the bathroom! The bonus for baby: he’s close and secure with mama (or daddy) listing to her heartbeat and feel her warmth. It’s almost as if for a moment, nothing has changed in their tiny little world.

My first wrap by SollyBaby!

I highly recommend new mothers get their hands on a stretchy wrap. Friends of moms-to-be, these make great baby shower presents! My stretchy wrap was by far my favorite item during the first few weeks of motherhood. 

Here are some great wraps to check out:

*Moby and Boba are made from thicker material, which is better for cooler climates. Unfortunately they were too thick for my little furnace baby. 

**The K’Tan is technically not a wrap, but has the same look and function. This is great for moms who would rather not spend the time wrapping a bunch of fabric around their bodies. The K’Tan runs in different sizes, and it is recommend if you’re between sizes to go down.


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