Carry Them Close: Soft Structured Carriers

Behold the world of babywearing. Before you become a Babywearing mama, you need to pick the right carrier for you. Easier said than done. There are dozens upon dozens of brands. Ergo, Beco, LILLEBaby, Tula, Kindercarry, Lenny Lamb, Tekhni, Girasol, Natibaby, Sakura Bloom, SollyBaby, Moby, Boba, K’Tan, Babyhawk, Infantino… the list goes on and on.

As someone who probably tried on one hundred pairs of boots before finding my sole mate (yeah, I like puns), I knew this was going to be a challenge. How on earth was I going to pick the best carrier for my tiny little love? I loved the idea of a wrap, but also liked the low-barrier to entry that was in a soft structured carrier (SSC). Ring slings are so pretty and look very chic, and Mei Tai’s sounded like it could be a good mix of everything. Obviously, I needed all the baby carriers. But first, I decided to start with the classic SSC.

The mere thought of trying everything made my wallet hurt. Fortunately, around the same time I was reading up about the different brands, Nordstrom was having a sale. Who doesn’t love sales!? As any sane pregnant woman would do, I went online to snag a few deals for my baby boy. While I was browsing through the pages of cute little onesies and baby shoes, I came across what would be my first SSC. There it was on sale: an Ergo Baby Carrier. It was grey with starbursts, and it spoke to me. “Buy Me! I’m on sale!” I quickly looked up the price on Amazon (I’m fairly certain I’m Amazon’s #1 customer), and sure enough Nordstrom had the better deal. A quick text to the Hubs to confirm my need to purchase this carrier, and I was officially on my way to becoming babywearing mama!

My first SSC! The ErgoBaby Original Carrier in Grey Starburst!

Little did I know… the Ergo was a gateway carrier to my all time favorite, TULA! More about those lovely carriers later.

Some safety things to remember when wearing your little love in a SSC:

Baby’s airway is clear, body is positioned properly and baby and mama are comfortable. And my favorite safety check. Make sure you can plant as many kisses as possible on that tiny little head without having to over-stretch your neck or lift the baby. If you can’t reach your baby, he (or she) is too low.

Babywearing ABC’s

Below are a couple brands I love:



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