Carry Them Close: Ring Slings

There’s something about the look of a ring sling that spoke to me. In my never-ending quest to try all the baby carriers, this was one I was most excited about. The beautiful woven fabrics used to make these carriers are like a piece of art. It seemed like they were a breeze to use. Right. 

The first time I tried to use my sling, I was completely lost. How the heck are we supposed to wear these things? I watched video tutorial after video tutorial, but I couldn’t get comfortable with holding my then-8 week old squish in the sling. I was afraid that it was either too tight on his legs, or he was going to wiggle and fall out of the bottom. I turned to my fellow babywearing mamas in my BWI Facebook group to ask for some pointers. One mama suggested I check out a free babywearing session at our local baby boutique, and attend a play date (love those!).

Photo by: Salt + Light Photography

I went to the next available session at Granola Babies, totally nervous that I would be the only “newbie” in the group. I was so wrong. Almost every mom in the group was in my shoes, and most shared my concerns. The Babywearing Educator was amazing! She helped me properly thread my ring sling, and assisted as I fit my little Alexander inside the sling. Once he was in, I could tell it was a perfect fit. I no longer worried about the fabric being too tight because it felt right. There was no concern he was going to slip out of the bottom, because we had him positioned perfectly. He was in there and we were happy.

I practiced using the ring sling for weeks after that session. I felt that the more and more I practiced, the more natural it would seem. Since I wasn’t too crazy about the linen fabric on the sling, I thought I’d give a second Ring Sling a shot. I had my favorite SSC, and was excited to try a Tula Ring Sling. This carrier has easily become my go to for quick ups with my little guy. It’s the perfect carrier to throw on if I’m running a quick errand and need my hands. And it is stylish, to boot!

Here are some of my favorite Ring Slings:

Tula Baby Dancey Doll Shuffle ($135)


Tula Baby Varsity Ring Sling ($135)


Sakura Bloom Silk Sling – Sea Glass ($180)


Sakura Bloom Classic Linen Sling – Ripple ($98)

Time to go shopping!



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