Carry Them Close: Let’s Begin… (part 2)

Imagine this: You are snuggled in bed with your favorite blanket and white noise machine soothing you to sleep. It’s dark in your room, and your bed is oh-so warm and cozy. You have this immense sense of security in your surroundings. In fact, you have absolutely zero desire to leave the comfort of your bed. Then, after what feels like forever, everything changes. Your sheets are torn off your body and you’re thrown out of bed (rude)! You’re freezing cold and your mind is foggy–what is happening?! You’re introduced to some new people, but you haven’t fully woken up. This new environment is completely different, full of new sights, sounds and smells. After some fussing and attempts at adjusting, you see it at a distance. Your bed. You want in this bed. This bed is safety and security. You climb back into bed, and you smell your sheets and feel the warmth wrapped in your blankets. You hear a familiar soothing sound. You’re able to close your eyes and rest. All is right in the world.

Sounds crazy right? Now imagine all this as a newborn baby. This is why I babywear. Honestly, it’s as much for me as it is for my baby.

Photo by: Salt + Light Photography

Photo by: Salt+Light Photography

As if that isn’t reason enough, there are plenty more reasons as to why I babywear. Some people are weird and think that we’re spoiling our babies. I once read that it’s impossible to spoil a newborn baby, and even an infant. They don’t have the mental capacity to understand being spoiled. Know what they do understand? You are safety and comfort. If they need safety and comfort, they’ll cry and you’ll be there. That sounds good enough for me.

Below are some of my favorite reasons for babywearing.

  • Newborns NEED to be held. Close contact with mama (or daddy) has been proven to have positive psychological and physiological benefits for your tiny love. Did you know that one of the best things you can do with your newborn baby is skin-to-skin cuddling? It is AMAZING for bonding and super important for the development of your tiny love. When you babywear, whether or not you may have your shirt on, it’s providing your newborn with the contact he or she needs to thrive.
  • Upright position is very helpful for babies with reflux and can also help with gas issues. Babies with Colic loved to be snuggled in a carrier and find the sound of your heartbeat extra soothing.
  • Hands are free! This means you can actually drink that coffee you’ve been staring at since early-o’clock in the morning. Want to brush your hair? Go for it! Maybe you need to fold some laundry (hey, some of us are easily motivated). Done! All while your teensy tiny little love is snoozing away on your chest.
  • Babywearing is convenient! It’s so much easier to throw baby in the carrier and go than have to wrangle a stroller. You’ll learn quickly that unloading a stroller from your car can be quite cumbersome. Especially when you have to snap an infant carseat to the thing, or a bassinet for your newborn. And if you’re going to a crowded place, you’ll quickly figure out how annoying that darn stroller really is. It gets in the way all the time and bumps into people or things. However, if you’re babywearing and pushing a stroller, it makes a great means for carrying shopping bags. 😉
  • Once your little love is aware of his or her surroundings, babywearing becomes that much more fun. Being 2.5ft tall, there’s not much to see from down low. Put baby on your back, and he can check out the world from Mama’s perspective.
  • If your little one is sick, or you’re going to the doctors for some vaccines, this is a great way to keep that tiny love comforted.
  • Full access to baby kisses. This is my favorite. Alexander is insanely lovey and snuggly. And boy does he love to give kisses.

I had a random woman tell me I was going to cause issues with my son when he was older (mind you, he was 9 weeks old in my Ergo at the time). Really? Explain to me how my 9 week old is going to have issues. People are full of opinions, which I learned as soon as I started showing in my pregnancy. What honestly, truly matters is what mama wants. And mama wants what’s best for baby (along with sleep and maybe some food).

So there you have it. Some of the many reasons why Babywearing rocks!



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