Baby update: It’s a…

I really don’t know how time has escaped me. Between running after a very mobile toddler, working a full time job, and growing a baby, I hardly have time for anything else! Speaking of growing a baby, we are getting so excited to meet this little bundle of joy. A few weeks back, we went in for our anatomy scan ultrasound, which is performed between 18-20 weeks. The importance of this ultrasound is to make sure baby is growing properly, but the added bonus is that we’d get a chance at finding out the sex of this little peanut!

While I had my suspicions on the sex of our baby, I also doubted myself. I was convinced this baby was a girl, if not purely because this pregnancy feels so different from my pregnancy with Alexander. But then again, I also thought that maybe Alexander would be a girl because both of our families seem to be heavy in the Estrogen. Of course, it was a 50-50 chance I was correct and regardless if this baby was a boy or girl, we would love it more than ever.


Despite my thinking it was maybe a girl, part of me hoped for another boy. I mean, Alexander is seriously the sweetest little boy ever, and I would be crazy not to want that a second time around.  I would also love to have justification for the excessive amount of clothes I had purchased for him, most of which had only been worn a handful of times. The other part of me loved the idea of this baby being a girl. Not only would she have the most amazing big brother to look out for her, but I love the thought of putting together some super cute mommy and me matching outfits. So many possibilities. Whatever this little human was, I was already in love.


When we met with the ultrasound technician, the first question he asked was whether or not we wanted to know the sex of our baby. We could not have said yes fast enough. As soon as we got into our positions, he went to work. Within a few minutes, he had the answer we’d been waiting for. Baby number two, was a healthy, perfectly growing baby girl!! A GIRL!! I wanted to scream with excitement, but I think Anthony was more excited than I was. After all, Alexander is definitely a Mama’s Boy, and now Anthony is getting his Daddy’s Girl.

Anthony and I left our appointment elated, grinning ear to ear. We could not wait to share the news with our loved ones. I know this little girl is going to be spoiled with love, and she’ll obviously an amazing wardrobe. If my Baby Gap obsession with Alexander says anything, this little girl is going to be one stylish babe.

Confession: I may or may not have already purchased a ton of cute outfits for this little Miss. I can’t help myself. These tiny clothes are just too much!




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