About Me

Who Am I? I am a wife to Anthony, established July 2003. I am a mother to Alexander, born December 2014. I am a breastfeeding, babywearing mama. I am a shop-a-holic (sorry Anthony), and a casual Artist. I am a seasoned traveler, an occasional cook and a self-professed wine critic. I am a 30-year old Orange County native born and raised in Laguna Beach. I am on this incredible journey through motherhood, life and love and I have a lot to say on the matter. I am Nicole Nichols. I am N-Squared.

Why is this N-Squared? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. I was lucky enough to find the love of my life when I was 17 years young. Anthony is my dream guy. Tall, handsome, incredibly smart, hilarious, genuine, sincere… the total package. Early on in our relationship, it was pointed out that if we got married (not at all an awkward conversation at 17) my name would be Nicole Nichols. I could be Nic Nic. I might be N-squared. Yep. Forget my maiden name (which is Bienvenu), I was going to have a nearly identical first and last name. I laughed, he laughed although I wondered why he didn’t run screaming at the “m” word. Truth be told, we were so young, the ridiculously awesome name was the last thing on our mind. We had places to go, things to do.  13 years later, here we are. Anthony and I have been married for over 3 years. We have this incredible life together. We own a home in sunny California — this is almost an accomplishment in itself. We have a wildly friendly 3-year-old Australian Shepherd named Kerrigan. And probably our greatest pride and best accomplishment to date: we are raising the sweetest little boy, Alexander. And coming this October, we’ll have a new little love in our family — a beautiful baby girl!

So here we are. This is my life. N-squared.


My whole world, Anthony and Alexander! Photo by A Simple Love Photography.

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